Episode 171 – Gaming as a Social Contract

Getting it Right (or semi-right) from Design to Table

Daniel, Jeff and T.R. discuss what it means to bring a game to the table. How deeply does (or should) game designers and players consider what goes into a game and when (or if) it actually makes an appearance?  Anything ranging from historical accuracy to social contracts come into play as we range across the cardboard battlefields of gaming to find out!

Games Discussed


Episode 170 – Down, Down to Tolkien Town

The Influence Goes Ever On…

In this episode, Jeff, Daniel and guest wise-man T.R. Knight gather in the Green Dragon to discuss their love of Tolkien. Like so many fans, it’s influenced art, music, literature and (of course) gaming. Join us as we cover some of the highlights that have shaped our lives in and out of gaming.  And for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following links to all things Tolkien!!

Role Playing Games

Board Games

Recommended Readings

“Down, Down to Goblin Town” from the Original Soundtrack of The Hobbit (1977) animated by Rankin/Bass. Musc by Maury Laws

Episode 169 – Locally Sourced Plans

Locally Sourced, From Brain to Table

On this episode of Game Store Prophets, the group is sans el presidente, but have gathered some new hotness in the form of a guest host. As the triumvirate forms, can they hold it together long enough to put some plans together for 2018?  Find out as we discuss things and stuff and more things!

  1. GaryCon
  2. Fantasy Flight Games – Genesys
  3. Modiphius Games – John Carter of Mars RPG Kickstarter
  4. Spelljammer (link to Nerdarchy)
  5. FFG – Star Wars (not Star Trek) The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition
  6. GenCon
  7. Kolossal Games – Western Legends Kickstarter
  8. Sine Nomine Publishing – Stars Without Number RPG
  9. Making Meaningful Resolutions

Find more about our guest host, T.R. Knight and his proclivity for touching way too many RPG books, go here!

Episode 168 – 2017’s End of Year Awards!

Each year we try to point out some of the games, people, and resources in the gaming world we think are worth looking into – whether they came out this year or they just did something special that grabbed our attention above everything else in the wide world of options. Sadly, as Jeff has had to deal with a lot of family issues this year, his experiences were drastically limited. He’s sitting this one out to spend just that much more time with his family while Daniel and I wax on about games.

If you don’t have the hour and change to listen to the episode when you hit this post and just want to results – here you are. For explanations as to why we made our choices, listen to the episode. Feel free to comment on this post and share your favorites from this year.

Doesn’t need to be new this year, but a game that gave us the best single play experience in 2017

Mike- Terraforming Mars (Stronghold Games)
Daniel- Castle Ravenloft (Wizards of the Coast)


Doesn’t need to be new this year, but our favorite game that we added to our game libraries in 2017

Mike- Scythe (Stonemaier Games)
Daniel- Wasteland Express Delivery Service (Pandasaurus Games)


Publishers who went above and beyond the call this year with consistently great titles and/or business choices

Mike- Restoration Games (Honorable Mention: Renegade Games)
Daniel- HABA


A game that continues on an established franchise and/or best utilizes a popular IP

Mike- Near & Far (Red Raven Games)
Daniel-  ZOMBIES!!!!! 15 – Another One Bites The Dust (Twilight Creations)


A title the flew under the radar for a while but really impressed us after we found it

Mike- Cat Lady (AEG)
Daniel- Mole Rats in Space (Peaceable Kingdom)


Something outside of any specific game that made our gaming experience better, more varied, etc.

Mike- Board Game Stats App
Daniel- Bundle of Holding (Honorable Mention: Paint Rack app)


People making games or gaming content that did something noteworthy this year

Mike- Suzanne Sheldon & Mandi Hutchinson
Daniel- Duncan Rhodes


A podcast not necessarily about gaming, but definitely worth your attention

Mike – Board Game Blitz (Honorable mention – Mission to Zyxx)
Daniel – The Lonesome Pine Podcast


A video game or digital implementation of a board game that came out this year

Mike – Pyre
Daniel – Mysterium


The best of the best

Mike- Spirit Island
Daniel- Photosynthesis

Episode 167 – Top of the Collection 2017

It’s that time of year again when we take stock of the games that we have seen over the past year’s gaming and reflect on it for our listeners. This first “end of the year” episode has your three hosts basically gushing about the favorite games they have in their collections at this moment and why. If you’ve ever had your theories on the sort of games we love – now’s your time to test them out.


Episode 166 – InnRoads Unplugged

In this episode – we take obnoxious scheduling difficulties and make lemonade with them. That’s how this works right? This is a solo-mike episode where I spend some time talking about my whirlwind tour of PAX Unplugged, the people I saw, the people I didn’t see, and all the stuff that made the experience worth doing.

The short version – we’ve already started talking and making plans for next year. I’m coming back and InnRoads is coming with me!

Episode 165 – Discipleship is Playtesting

Playtesting a game design is a hard process. It involves understanding the rules before you, building off of what has come before you, being willing to kill your darlings to find something better, and being willing take in even harsh criticism from others in order to hone that fine edge and get to the game that was meant to be. Sounds an awful lot like the process we take when we try to draw closer to God.

In this episode we talk about conventions we’re going to, we talk about things we’re seeing in the board gaming industry and how they may move forward, and, oh yeah, we welcome back Jeff Romo to the mics! We were so excited to have him back that we neglected to throw up an archive dive this episode, but it’ll be back next time.

Episode 164 – InnRoads Approved Some More Stuff

In this episode – Daniel takes on his first shot to dive into games past and bring out some gems in the archive dive. He surfaces with two dice-related games (I know, surprise surprise) – Machi Koro, and Luchador, and even throws in a bit of his family history as an added bonus.

We also go about the business of announcing not just one, but two new titles that have received our InnRoads Approved seal – our nod to games with biblical and/or church history related themes that are fun and interesting to play regardless of a person’s faith statement or biblical literacy. It’s harder to find those than you’d think.

We’re proud to announce that Unauthorized from Chara Games and Indulgence from Restoration Games have been added to the list. We haven’t talked to anybody at Restoration Games yet, but you can find an interview with Pat Lysaght from Chara Games from when Unauthorized first hit Kickstarter here.

Episode 163 – Uncle Jeff and the Archive Dive

The start of this episode finds me introducing our first and only official segment here at GSP. We’re calling it the Archive Dive – an opportunity for us to highlight titles that are over a year old. We hope that it’ll remind folks that, while the new shiny is often pretty downright amazing, there’s good stuff already sitting on your shelf that has fallen off your radar.

To christen this new segment – I’ve got three for you. Seasons (released 2012), Castles of Burgundy (released 2011), and Citadels (2000). If you want to see the article I reference about Seasons – you can find it here.

The bulk of the episode, though, is dedicated to an update about what Jeff has been doing while off mics. We’ve been telling you that he’s been dealing with family related stuff- but that the story wasn’t ours to tell. It’s his – and he’s going to share it with you.

Episode 162 – Chasing the Cardboard Dragon

A conversation about what I should obtain for my next game purchase lead us to a discussion about the constant chase for getting all the newest and shiniest games on the market. How do we prioritize when to buy games, and what games do we buy? While the new games coming out are filled with great things, how many games sit idle on our shelves? How do we evaluate why our games are important to us and whether or not we actually need to get the game we want so badly now?

And maybe a brief moment about how Jerry Hawthorne and Plaid Hat Games made me cry.